When Two Become One

Any chance to put a bit of a spice girls reference in! Thirteen months in, I now dropped from two feeds to one per day. I decided to drop the morning one first as was going to be less noticeable for Sadie. I love my lazy mornings with cuddles in bed, morning feed, books and peepo. I did try replacing the feed with cow’s milk in her cup in bed; however, she just didn’t want it so didn’t force it.  After speaking with my health visitor, I knew she was getting enough calcium from her diet, and just made sure she drank a good amount of water first thing being conscious of her liquid intake. I continued to offer milk from a cup at least once a day in the highchair just so she would get a taste for it. The first morning I missed the morning feed I felt like I had forgotten something. Lazy mornings, Peepo, books and cuddles carried on as normal before breakfast and playtime, and a little piece of my journey had come to an end.


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