Taking The Plunge

The end of summer is approaching and the reality of returning to work is on the horizon. Sadie will be starting at a child-minder, so it will be all change for the both of us. After always feeding Sadie to sleep or for the majority, I took it as a sign she was ready when she started to sit up and get giddy after her feeds.  When I say Sadie was ready, I also mean that I was ready, as the two have to coincide for something to work. Feeding to sleep was right for our journey. When we did move to the next stage, it just meant there were extra kisses, cuddles and of course more of her favourite bedtime stories. The main thing it took for it to work was courage. I do like to try embrace change, but I take my time to adapt to something new rather then throwing myself into it, due to my lack in confidence.

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