Surprise Surprise

My own mum’s advice is as follows:-

“You are the mother. Everyone mothers in their own way and you will find your own. What works for you might not for someone else”

If Sadie was ill or teething, I have no qualms about comfort feeding her even at nearly eleven months, if I felt it was the right thing to do. On the whole, I didn’t give Sadie a feed in the night from seven months. I found my health visitor very supportive from the moment we met, and arranged a telephone chat if I needed some advice about anything. Although it took time, Sadie started consistently sleeping through, from 7 months, and it just happened. Prior to this, being a night owl you do find yourself being online more often, whether it’s adding items to your shopping basket, chatting to your NCT friends in the same situation- the 4am club, or googling “what can I do to make my baby sleep longer! In the fog of the night before, it is a pleasant surprise when parcels arrive the next day or so that you don’t remember ordering. It did become apparent that maternity leave gave me an amazon addiction, but confident I am not on my own on this one! My husband said I could open a library with all the books I have ordered for Sadie.


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