Set The Scene

Although for the majority of my journey, I fed Sadie to sleep, she never seemed attached to my boob or saw this as comfort outside of feeding times, such as pulling at my top. Sadie was far too interested in exploring the world around her due to her observant nature. I had chosen to make my boob her sleep association, and knew the time was ready to make the change. Sadie loved books, so it took a dose of inner courage, some positivity from my Mum, and I set the scene ready for her. A cosy gro bag, soft night time book, kisses, cuddles, and a silky muzzy comforter in her bed all helped set the scene. I did stuff the silky elephant comforter down my top so the scent would transfer, yes, I have stuffed an elephant down my top! The ridiculous things we do for our children! Finally, we say night night to the bunnies in her room, and sing a soothing tune of twinkle twinkle from outside the door. Do they make gro bags in my size and can someone do this for me please! As Sadie settles down for the night, I watch her waving to her bunnies on her shelf from the monitor, and she really learned to love her cot.

What I truly love about breastfeeding is that there is no right or wrong way aside from getting a latch. It is your own journey between mother and baby, and what you make of it. One of my motto’s in life is “what you put in your get out”, and this definitely applies with my feeding journey. Breastfeeding is just one part of motherhood journey, and I am grateful in so many ways.


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