Release Me

I coaxed myself in the lanolin cream on a daily basis to help toughen my nipples up, and now they were made of steel! I was lucky to escape the cracked, bleeding and sore nipples and dreaded mastitus, but I did suffer with blocked ducts on about five separate occasions. The first time it happened was two months in, and could not understand what was causing the intense almost indescribable pain. I could barely sit up out of bed due to the lead weight feeling on my boob. I literally crawled out of bed, looked in the mirror and could see a small red lump. On pressing it I could actually feel the blockage inside the duct. Obviously, I spend the morning self-diagnosing and decided to call 111 as it was a weekend. I had a bit of a blessing in disguise due to the fact I was already on antibiotics, following complications with my episiotomy, and these could also help take the inflammation down. The remedy which worked for me included two days of ibuprofen, massaging using hot flannels in the bath, direct pressure from the shower head plus lots and lots of feeding. It was a good job Sadie liked her milk! The last but most effective part of my remedy is something only to be done in the privacy of your own home, but really did give instant relief.  You may have to read it twice to believe it, but for these two days I fed Sadie whilst I was leaning all fours and she was lying underneath me on her back. This google researched method worked so well because the gravity of my boobs dropped down, meaning she could directly get to the blockage for me. Blocked ducts can happen from lots of different things, but in my case, I think it was a mixture of bras too tight, sleeping on my tummy, using the sling and changes in supply.

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