My Favourite Thing To Wear

Nearly eleven months in, I still use my sling on a regular basis although just for 30 mins at a time. My upper body strength has improved with all the buggy lifting. I love the closeness, and of course hands-free element. In the beginning, this was great if I needed the toilet or just to get on with things in the house whilst she faced me and slept. Sadie was also a great hot water bottle in the colder months! As I spaced the time between feeding longer and of course dropped feeds, I replaced this with close bodily contact, and the sling was one way of doing this. Sadie enjoyed being able to hear me, but also had the freedom to experience the world. Sadie is so observant and aware of her surroundings, whether it be passers-by smiling at her in the street, looking at pretty flowers in the garden or waving to birdies in the sky.

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