Mother Nature

Becoming a mother made me appreciate Mother Nature, the gift of life, its true meaning and how powerful the human body is. I was also very lucky I had a plentiful milk supply, and felt confident Sadie was getting enough milk from me, just by looking at her. On day five Sadie and I went back to hospital for some routine mother and baby checks following my transfusion and episiotomy. I felt so proud I could walk around the hospital feeding her with my muslin. it is expected that babies lose weight from birth and around 5-10 percent expected especially if breastfeeding, I was amazed she had only lost 2 percent, and this gave me more encouragement to continue doing what I was doing. My own recovery was a different story, and after being fed up wearing Bridget jones knickers, using endless pads, antibiotics, ointments and salt baths, three trips to a gynaecologist and a small procedure I was fixed, but not until three months later!

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