Just The Two Of Us

I didn’t feel a desire to express my milk and feed Sadie from a bottle. Although this meant no one could help feed or put Sadie to bed, I wanted to cherish the experience between the two of us. It did feel daunting as a commitment, but in her lifetime a year or so is a very short space of time. I really appreciated help in others ways from Adam and my family and friends. The main things included things such as settling, nappy changes, bath time, helping with meals and walks in the pram.

Sadie’s signs for hunger became clearer to me, as I also grew in confidence as a mother. I watched her making tongue movements, and rooting to the breast as she was guided by my scent. All these signs helped me know when to feed her.  I have always used the clock as a guide, and spent between 25 to 40 minutes feeding. I used one side only per feed until she was about 5 months old, as felt she was getting enough milk this way.

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