My sweet baby girl. Sadie is not only beautiful inside and out, but patient, calm, cheeky, happy, a little daring, imaginative, flirtatious, can be shy to start with, determined, affectionate, logical, observant, sensitive, brave and strong willed. The journey of motherhood is the best lifetime adventure I have ever been on. Adventures are not always easy, but always fulfilling.

I have always loved to write, which stems from my love of books as a child, and wild imagination to go with it. It took me 8 months to pass my driving test, 8 months to fall pregnant and 8 months into breastfeeding to start writing about it. I was born on the 8th of the month so perhaps I should take it as a sign to be my lucky number!

I wanted to share a collection of memories from my breastfeeding journey as a new mother. Before Sadie was born, I was open-minded about breastfeeding, and chose to attend a community workshop as a recommendation from my midwife. This really opened my eyes, knitted boob props and all! Everyone loves an analogy, and the one that stuck in my mind was that breastfeeding for a baby is like eating a crusty baguette, in comparison with a finger sandwich. Therefore, give your baby a chance to learn a technique as it is hard work for them.

My intention for sharing my blog is not to promote breastfeeding, or to give an opinion on how you choose to feed your baby, but purely to share my personal experience as a first-time mummy. I also wanted to put my experience into words, as the haze of being a new mum can blur your mind, and didn’t want to forget these moments. Hopefully my words will make you smile, cringe, blush, reminisce, wince, relate, chuckle or just wander into the land of milk and mummy.

My food blog- Morello Cherry Food Collection was described as informal writing, designed for your imagination to join me at the dining table. I wanted to mirror this breast pads and all!

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