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Babies born in winter experience congestion, due to the change in temperature, central heating and bugs in the air.  Although harder to manage as they are so tiny, this does help strengthen their immune system. I was drawn to the fact that I could give Sadie antibodies from my milk. This of course would not stop her getting ill altogether, but the recovery would be much quicker and severity of the illness is far less then without these antibodies.

During these illnesses, it is a sad time for any Mum with a poorly baby. I knew I was helping my baby every time I fed her. Human milk is a complex living substance like blood. A drop of breastmilk contains around one million white blood cells, plus immunoglobulin all to help with the recovery time. My top products during these times of illness include a humidifier machine for babies, calpol plug in for when Sadie was old enough plus all the snuffle babe products which are amazing.

  • Cold 2 months lasted 10 days
  • Mild conjunctivitis 2 months lasted 2 days
  • Mild Gastroenteritis 3 months lasted 3 days
  • Cough, cold 7 months lasted 2 days plus mild cold symptoms for two weeks
  • Croup, 13 months lasted 3 days
  • Cough 13 months lasted two weeks –mild cough symptoms lasted one week
  • Stomach bug 15 months- 2 days
  • Ear drum infection in both ears 16 months lasted 2 days- Antibiotics given for the first time
  • Ear infection in both ears 16 and a half months- temperature lasted 2 days- Antibiotics given

Baby jabs are very unpleasant for any new mummy, but seeing the instant pain relief effect of a breastfeed to a frightened baby I found quite amazing. It lowers heart rate, secretes calming hormones and instantly soothes. I did this again at the 12 month jabs, and it really helped. When Sadie was 13 months old and poorly with Croup, I gave Sadie a soothe feed in the doctor’s office so she stayed calm for all her checks. A mild stomach bug was also a scary time for Mummy, as I was conscious that Sadie had very few wet nappies, as she was sick all her liquid intake, and off food. Breastmilk was such a comfort to Sadie during her illness, and knew all the antibodies were going to help with her recovery, and could see how the feed was instantly soothing her during this time.




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