Emotional Rollercoaster

My milk started to come in on day three in hospital, and my boobs really felt like they were inside my armpits. Tender is an understatement, and cannot put into words to express how they felt. The “floods of tears” I had read about came from absolutely nowhere on day three. I was unsuccessfully trying to change Sadie’s nappy mid waterworks, when the nurse so timingly knocked on the door. I knew this was completely normal due to the hormones from the milk, and had reassurance from the midwife too, although at the time felt like I was on an emotional roller-coaster.

Adam wouldn’t have believed me if I had told him it was possible to go shopping in a hospital, but I found a way! Let’s just say he wasn’t best pleased that I had spent £120 on a professional photo-shoot in the comfort of my own room!  When the photographer knocked on the door, in my all emotional state I just couldn’t help myself. I work in sales myself, and was so wrapped up in emotion, I knew I was being “sold to” and almost wanted this to happen. The moment I saw the slideshow of photos, together with sentimental music in the background, she must have seen pound signs in her eyes!

In the early hours of the morning I buzzed again for help with feeding. The nurse was chuckling to herself when I asked my repetitive question If “she was on” “This baby has got the best suck I’ve seen all week” she said. We could listen to her gentle gulping, and I felt the drawing feeling my Mum had described to me. It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do for your confidence.

Although I was still in terrible agony from the episiotomy, I did leave hospital feeling confident I could feed Sadie, and just figured I would worry about my own recovery later. I was just amazed how Sadie instinctively found her way to her food, with her rooting signs, and sure was a much faster learner then her mamma.

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