Bite Me

I remember thinking about teeth long before Sadie had any, and what impact this would have on my nipples! Sadie is a brave soul and at eleven months she has eight teeth!  Sadie has the usual flushed cheeks, lots of dribble, and gets a little sensitive. It broke my heart as she would let out cries in her sleep when she got a shooting pain. I know that some bottle-fed babies chew their teat when they are teething.  My “teats” had to build up resistance to this side chewing. I did not want to encourage this of course, so a chilled teething toy or cold carrot/peeled apple came to the rescue. Comfort feeding really helped Sadie through the pain, along with teething powder or “packets” as we call them, MAM silicone teething friends, plus pain relief medicine where necessary.

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