All Night Long

Sleeping through the night is possible for babies, but only when the time is right. When I told the health visitor that Sadie had slept through for two nights from 7pm-7am in a row at nine weeks old, she cautiously said to me, just don’t get too excited, as things can change all the time. Low and behold she was right, and being a night owl is just part of being a mother, besides I had the most beautiful sleep thief! Once Sadie started sleeping longer stretches, it took about a week for my boobs to realise if they needed to make less milk. On he whole Sadie slept all night long on average three times per week until she was about seven months old when she starting sleeping consistently. One night, my boobs were so incredibly full, I just couldn’t wait for her to wake so she could empty them! On another occasion, it was just too unbearable to wait, and happened to be when my mum was staying over. Both of us were hysterically laughing in the bathroom whilst we squeezed my boobs covered with hot flannels at 4am in the bathroom. The things mothers do for their daughters! Obviously, my husband slept through all of the commotion!

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