Night Night Sleep Tight

As it hit me that my journey would be coming to an end, I cherished my feeding time even more. My mornings of staying in bed until 8am, getting cosy with my duvet and lots of snuggles and laughter made me so happy. Sadie already had a love of books and I could see her imagination coming alive with her playful character and cheekiness. After her bedtime stories and silliness with teddies, once I started her feed, we would reflect on the day together which turned into a story itself, “have you had a lovely day, what have we been doing” I would go through the day’s events, from the small things such as playing on the swings, and finishing with having a bath, and saying night night to the bunnies. Sadie looks and into my eyes with the most adorable calm smile in her eyes  whilst feeding, and I could feel her resting heart rate whilst she listened to every word.

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